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What Should You Be Considering Before Choosing a Warehouse?

What Should You Be Considering Before Choosing a Warehouse?

Your company’s warehousing plays a huge part in the supply chain and affects everything from inventory to delivery. A warehouse helps businesses by safely storing their manufactured products before they are delivered to their customers or transported to a physical store. Before committing to a warehouse for your company, consider these important factors while you choose!

Discuss Your Company’s Needs 

Before choosing a warehouse, you should think about your company’s goals and needs first. If you are using a warehouse just for storage, then depending on your location, any warehouse might suffice.

However, some companies will need a warehouse that will help more with inventory management and distribution services. Overall, when you are looking for a warehouse, you will want one that you can rely on, and one that will increase your company’s efficiency.

Types of Products 

Not every warehouse has access to the special facilities that you need. Others may have restrictions as to what products you can store, such as flammable goods, alcohol, or products that require refrigeration. Before committing to a warehouse, you should make sure that they can assist you with all your products, not just certain ones.

Location of the Warehouse Matters 

The location of your warehouse is important because it directly affects your business’s supply chain, and it determines how quickly your manufactured goods will arrive at your store and your customers.

To help decide the right location for your warehouse, start by determining where your customers are located. If they are scattered, consider finding a more centrally located warehouse. However, if you are a part of a company with significant market outreach, you should prioritize a warehouse that can be accommodating to your specific needs. Choosing the right location for your warehouse helps you build brand loyalty and strong customer relationships because you can now meet customer expectations and give them what they need.

At American Supply Co., we provide standard and bonded warehousing, licensed for food and alcohol storage. Our services include US Customs bonded storage, same-day shipping, order fulfillment, repackaging, cross-docking, pick and pack service, container drayage, and unloading, local delivery, etc. We will work with you to customize your storage and shipping needs to fit your company’s unique supply chain. Give us a call at 215-739-2627 and find out more about our warehouse services!

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