Why Do You Want to Work With a Warehouse That Offers Distribution Services?

Why Do You Want to Work With a Warehouse That Offers Distribution Services?

If you own a commercial business, having a warehouse space is a great way to keep your business organized. Warehouses provide a ton of storage for businesses who need them. What will make your commercial warehouse even better is by setting up distribution services from your commercial warehouse too. 

Here’s why it’s worth finding a commercial warehouse that offers distribution services: 

It Will Help You Save Time

Suppose you are keeping your inventory at an off-site warehouse that doesn’t offer distribution services. In that case, you are probably finding yourself driving back and forth between your store and your warehouse. Instead of spending the time, money, and miles traveling back and forth, it would be more helpful to have a warehouse that can ship inventory right to you or your customers. 

It Decreases Your Risk of Damage

Reduce the number of times your products get shipped, delivered, and reshipped by working with a distribution warehouse. You can trust your distribution managers and professionally delivers to carefully load and unload your orders to minimize the risk of damaging your products. 

Remember, even if you feel like your team could manage doing the distribution on their own, you’re increasing your chances of damaging your products during transit. 

You have the Flexibility to Manage Your Business Remotely.

One of the best reasons commercial businesses often work with warehouses is that it relieves a lot of stress on their shoulders. Whether you’re working remotely from your home or you aren’t living locally anymore, having the flexibility to ship your inventory right to a local storage unit is a convenient tool for businesses to have. 

If you’re looking for a warehouse that offers distribution services, contact American Supply Co. today! We have convenient locations near all Philadelphia Ports of Entry and easy access to I-95 and I-76, we offer reliable, cost-effective warehousing for any customer. 

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