Philadelphia’s Chilean State of Mind

chilean flagWhen you think of Philadelphia, do you think of Chile?


Believe it or not, the City of Brotherly Love and the South American country have a close and beneficial relationship. Luis Mayol Bouchon, the Chilean Minister of Agriculture, was recently in town. Philadelphia and Chile have bonded over fruit. Yes, fruit. You see, Philadelphia is an important port when it comes to shipments of world-famous Chilean fruit, particularly grapes and kiwis.


By coming to Philadelphia, the Minister of Agriculture was returning the favor. Pennsylvania Governor, Tom Corbett, toured Chile on a diplomatic fruit tour, educating the nation on the fruitful relationship between Philadelphia and Chile. It is important to both the Philadelphian and Chilean economies, as it provides jobs to hard-working people on both sides of the hemisphere.


While touring Chile, Corbett conversed with government officials and the private sector. He emphasized that indomitable Pennsylvanian spirit. In a recent speech, Corbett said, “What distinguishes Pennsylvania from many other states here in the country: one is our ample supply of energy for any investor seeking to build a plant in the United States, two is our people whose work ethic and spirit of enterprise is second to none and three is obviously our location.”


Philadelphia and the surrounding area is a hotbed of energy, not to mention full of hard-working Americans. That being the case, there is always room for development. The region is welcoming investors with open arms. The Port of Philadelphia puts an importer’s goods, such as Chilean fruit, within only a day’s drive of much of the nation’s people. Customers will have quicker access to a company’s goods and due to the shortened travel distance; the entire operation is cost- and time-effective. No wonder Chile has warmed up to Philadelphia!


The Port of Philadelphia will only continue to grow, especially with the dredging of the Delaware River. With all the new investors and importers, there will be need for commercial warehouse and storage facilities. At American Supply Co., we have convenient locations near all Philadelphia Ports of Entry. Contact us today!





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